For postpartum women, lifestyle interventions that include a combined diet-and-exercise approach and those that use self-monitoring are associated with greater weight loss, according to a study published online Aug. 27 in Obesity Reviews.

Siew Lim, M.N.D., Ph.D., from the Greater Green Triangle University in Hamilton, Australia, and colleagues conducted a systematic review to identify lifestyle intervention strategies associated with weight loss in postpartum women within 12 months of delivery. Forty-six studies were included in the systematic review, and 32 randomized trials, involving 1,892 women, were eligible for meta-analysis.

The researchers found that there was significantly greater weight loss in studies with self-monitoring versus those without (−4.61 versus −1.34 kg). Compared with physical activity alone, diet and physical activity were significantly more effective for weight loss when combined (−3.24 versus −1.63 kg).

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