High-Fat Diet Linked to Anxiety, Depression

November 9th, 2015; By Liam Davenport

Consuming a high-fat diet may cause brain changes that lead to anxiety and depression, and although switching to a healthy diet reverses metabolic changes, mood problems persist, preliminary research suggests.

Results of the mouse study showed that a high-fat diet is linked to type 2 diabetes and anxiety and depression and that such a diet blunts the beneficial effect of antidepressants.

The researchers found that there was a correlation between the development of metabolic symptoms and a high-fat diet and anxiogenic/depression-like symptoms, which increased over time.

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Nine Risk Factors May Explain Two Thirds of AD Cases

September 1st, 2015 

Nine potentially modifiable risk factors may explain two thirds of Alzheimer's disease (AD) cases globally, according to a comprehensive meta-analysis of published studies.

Risk factors include obesity, carotid artery narrowing, low educational achievement, hyperhomocysteine, depression, hypertension, frailty, current smoking, and type 2 diabetes (diabetes only in Asian populations).

According to the analysis, the population attributable risk (PAR) for each of the factors individually ranged from 0.175% to 24.5%, while a model combining all nine factors yielded a PAR of 66%.


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