Health By Nutrition | Registered Dietitian | Toronto

About Me



I have completed my bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition at Ryerson University and my clinical internship at North York General Hospital. I have also graduated with a Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition from Western University, where my research focus was on feeding disorders of early childhood.


I have worked as a registered dietitian in the Toronto community for over ten years providing nutrition education for individuals, families and groups. I have counselled thousands of peoples on a wide variety of health issues from colitis, allergies, and eating disorders to weight management and heart health, among many others (see Services.) My work experience is variable and includes working in a paediatric clinic and in long term care, but most of my work has been in primary care. My main areas of expertise are digestive diseases, infant feeding, childhood nutrition, eating disorders in children and adults, mental health, weight management, and vegetarian and vegan diets. I do have extensive experience in assessing complex patients with multiple conditions and issues. As you may guess, often the problems listed above co-occur in one person and I pride myself in focusing on the individual as a whole rather than just one piece or one issue.

Mission and Vision

My goal is to assist people in achieving better physical and psychological health through a healthy relationship with food, body and mind. My goal is to make sure that people know everyone needs an individualized approach as we all have our own unique story and unique relationship with food.


Respect, support, empowerment, knowledge, no judgement, “you are important”