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Health By Nutrition | Registered Dietitian | Toronto

What I Do

Julia Stanislavskaia, Registered Dietitian, Masters in Nutrition, University of Toronto. Experienced in infant feeding, eating disorders, Crohn's, colitis, Celiac, IBS, weight management, high cholesterol, heart disease, malnutrition, childhood obesity, anemia, high blood pressure, vegetarian diets, family nutrition and more. 



To become a registered dietitian I have completed my bachelor's degree in Food and Nutrition at Ryerson University and my clinical internship at North York General Hospital. I have also graduated with a Masters Degree in Food and Nutrition from Western University, where my research focus was on feeding disorders of early childhood. Currently I am working toward my doctorate degree in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Toronto.


I have worked as a registered dietitian in the Toronto community for over six years providing nutrition education for individuals, families and groups. I have counseled thousands of patients on a wide variety of health issues from colitis, allergies, and eating disorders to weight management and heart health, among many others (see Services). 

Values and Goals  

It is not about the pounds on the scale, the multivitamins, "superfoods" or "an apple a day..." It is not about following a perfect diet that irritates you to no end. Food choices and eating habits are a very personal matter that has to be respected. A healthy diet is not perfect, but it meets all your needs and allows you to enjoy food mindfully, rather than count calories or nutrients. 

Nutrition plays a role in most medical issues and conditions. However, nutrition information is conflicting, confusing, overwhelming and is used to make a tons of cash rather than help us be healthy. My goal is to take complex nutrition information and current research that is applicable to you and translate it into practical recommendations that you can apply on a day-to-day basis. I provide a personalized approach, nutrition education and counseling in a supportive environment. If you are looking to work on this aspect of your lifestyle and need a professional you can trust, contact me.